Ceramics wednesday

I've got nothing for ceramics Wednesday today. Last night was the first class back after the break and the pictures I have from before the break are quite boring. I am thinking a little about trying to silk screen on some pieces and work on the knitting/ceramics combined pieces I talked about awhile ago.

As for you, you should go check out some pictures we took this past weekend.

Update: I decided to find some ceramics blogs and such (which I have been meaning to do for awhile) and here are the results -

Ceramics and pottery makers blog
Touch the Earth Ceramics
Gina DeSantis
A Pottery Log
PBA Pottery Blog
Campbells Ceramic Supply News & Events Blog
Emily Murphy
*Karin's Style Blog (also a contributer to whip up)
Potters Guild of BC (located on Granville Island)

I haven't looked too deeply at any of these, except for the one with a *, so I can't say too much about any of them. Karin's blog is definitely worth looking at though. I'll have to add these to the sidebar or update them periodically or something...



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