spinning = addictive = trouble

I took a class on using the drop spindle this weekend at Springwater. Although I already knew the basics of using a drop spindle, my yarn was very thick and thin all over the place and short. Not very useful for knitting anything other than a scarf, hat or maybe a pot holder. I learned how to fix that by predrafting, carding, fixing any trouble spots and putting my hands in the right place when drafting.

I am now officially addicted to spinning. I dyed a bunch of roving I had lying around in various kool aid colors and spent last night carding a bunch of it and spinning it with the undyed stuff. I did 3 more colors last night and will add those to the pile sometime this week. I also learned how to add multiple sections of spun yarn together so that I am not limited in length by what fits on the spindle. That was definitely one of the major limitations I saw with a drop spindle.

I am currently obsessed with spinning more yarn, dying and combing more fiber and plotting ways and types of fiber I am going to buy. I am really interested in EcoSpun, which is made from recycled pop bottles, but I can't find any to buy online and Springwater is currently waiting for their shipment. I am also thinking of buying some Brown Sheep mill ends (cheap!!! and I've been looking for a way to get some superwash!)


clacla said…
ton blog est tré bien, les mouton sons trop chouchou! bravo!

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