Spring swaps

I signed up for 2 crafty swaps that will take me from the beautiful weather of spring to the hot, humid weather of summer.

The first swap is back tack III - I never got anything from my last back tack partner, so I'm hoping this time there won't be a repeat performance. Although I think the same thing happened to lots of people last time because the organizers have changed the rules significantly and I think are planning to out those who don't fulfill their swap obligations. I think this swap will be a challenge for myself, not because of the sewing (which is how I plan to make my stuffy), but more because of the design-related rules:
(from this back tack post)
1. They [the stuffies] must be made from black and/or white materials. How much of either you use is up to you. It can be plain, or patterned. It can be knitted, felted, plastic whatever your imagination comes up with. We want you to get creative here, and think outside the box.
2. 1 additional colour - and one only - may be used, but it cannot comprise more than 20% of the final piece.
3. The softie cannot be any higher than 20cm
4. You must attach 5 buttons of your choice, in locations also of your choice, to the softie.
5. You must include on your softie somewhere the first initial of the person you are sending this to. So if you are sending to Sarah, you must have a letter 'S' somewhere on the softie. Again, use your imagination.
We'll see how it turns out!

The second swap I joined is Dye-O-Rama. Sign ups are open until 8pm EST this saturday, so if you want to join too it's not too late. I have joined in the "WTF am I doing?" group. Let's keep our fingers crossed that the yarn I dye doesn't actually come out looking like I have no idea what I am doing.

I am going to Springwater this weekend for a drop spindle class, so I'll check out the yarn (wool sock yarn only according to the rules) available for dying and their dye selection. I am probably either going to use kool aid, easter egg dye, or I may branch out and try some acid dye. I also signed up to be an angel. I figure once dying some extra yarn when I dye for my recipient won't be a big deal (knock on wood).

Here goes nothing!!!


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