I am on the 7th row of hush-hush and somehow am 6 stitches off! That's throwing one of the sections of ribbings off (luckily only one section) and I'm not sure where I lost the 4 stitches. What do I do now? Rip it back to the 3rd row, where I am pretty sure that I must have dropped the stitches or add some stitches and pretend like the messed up part doesn't exist??? Ripping back to the 3rd row is going to be painful because of the yarn overs and knit 2 togethers. Or do I frog the thing since I'm not that far yet and start all 360 stitches over again? I am leaning towards adding the missing stitches and just ignoring the messed up part. But then again, I'm not that far, so frogging it now would be the time. Oh, the dilemas in at knitter's life. Help!


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