Please don't push me off my soapbox yet.

I have a rant. If you get mad, just remember I am only one insignificant person in the greater scheme of things, so what I think doesn't really matter that much. Here goes.

People are lazy. I consider myself pretty lazy and there are lots of things in this world created and marketed for lazy people. But some laziness is really unacceptable. If everyone in this world would just take 5 minutes to do one thing each day that was un-lazy, we could really accomplish a lot and the world would be just a smidgen better for everyone. For example: at lunch, instead of grabbing 15 napkins, using only 4 and then throwing away the other 11, take 2 and get your lazy butt up if you need more; if you see that something is mis-filed, take the 30 seconds to take it out and refile it in the proper location; your tea's too hot for you to handle, but instead of taking 4 cups for insulation, wait a couple of minutes and it will cool off; no garbage bag in the garbage can? don't just chuck stuff in anyway and figure someone will take care of it - walk 20 steps to another grabage can with a bag and throw it in there. Really, the list could go on. I don't think any one of these things is asking a lot.

So how about it? Everyone try to do one thing today that requires you to go just a touch out of your way. You'll feel good about it, really, I promise.


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