Hooray for Monday! Now I can get some rest.

I don't think I've ever said that before. But I didn't get much sleep this weekend. We had such a fun event filled weekend.

It started out on Friday night with a going-away shindig for a co-worker driving to Texas the next day to go to PA school (that's physicians assistant). After some scrambling to figure out what we were going to do for dinner (we had plans, but they were cancelled last minute), we ended up barbequing at her house. There were way more people than she said were coming, but it all worked out fine. There was some political talk that required some of us to leave the room, but overall pretty fun. Then we went into DC and went to Habana Village in Adams Morgan. It's a salsa place/restaurant/bar. There were lots of people who actually knew how to salsa dance, and then us, almost all of who were clueless. It was fun though just watching everyone dance, seeing who asked my friend and I to dance and to pretend like we knew what we were doing. Even Isaac had a good time and pretended to know what he was doing with me. We took a cab there and back from our house (which is less than a mile). The cabs in DC run on the zone system instead of the meter system. You are charged according to the number of zones you go through. In typical DC style, the cab fare was $10.10 on the way there and $8 on the way home. Figures!

When we finally woke up on Saturday, we headed off to Baltimore for my 5 year college reuinion. Can you believe it! I've been out of college now for five years. I still feel like I just graduated college and when I meet people who really have just graduated college I get a wake-up call when I realize the age difference. Anyway, once we got to Baltimore, we met up with some friends at the Charles Village Pub, one of our very frequent college hangouts. Isaac and I hadn't eaten anything at that point, so I went to Sam's bagels for an egg, cheese and cream cheese sandwich and Isaac went to CC carryout for a double cheeseburger special. mmmm yummy! After that, we went to the men's lacrosse game. The team is AWESOME this year. They played Loyola and beat them 12 - 6. The team is undefeated this year in regular season and now the playoffs begin. It was really cute to see all the little kids after the game line up along the fence to get the team's autographs.

Ok, this is going to get really long, so I think I am going to go to bullet format:

  • saw Wade sing in a Vocal Chords (acapella) alumni concert. Love his singing!
  • hung out with classmates at "the tent" (no better way to describe it) where Dan Adhoot from Last Comic Standing, Krank Yankers and our graduating class performed. Very funny - especially because he called out some people in our class.
  • Weren't allowed into PJ's - which is fine with me, I never really liked that place too much anyway
  • got kicked off the beach for old times sake. That sucked because it was really turning out to be a good time
  • Ended up at CVP for about 10 minutes before the kicked us out because it was closing time (everything in Baltimore closes at 2am, which is hard to get used to again after being away from it for so long)
  • drove some people to their car - find out the next day they all thought I was drunk by the way I was driving when I was not - obviously I have been driving in DC for way to long. Isaac even agreed that that was how I always drive.
  • Hung out at the Collonade for awhile with more good friends.
  • Crashed at another friends house, falling asleep at 5am
Sunday pretty much didn't happen. We drove home from Baltimore, dropped some people off at the airport, slept a bunch and I studied.

Overall, pretty fun weekend. It was really great to see everyone together again. Isaac and I are both looking forward to our 10 year reunions!

I need to work on posting more concise posts, but I am too tired to work on it and I have to study more. blech.


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