Let's go Hop!!!!

Hopkins just won the NCAA semifinal Lacrosse game against the University of Virginia!!!

The last 5 minutes were pretty intesnse, although overall, the whole game was very exciting. The first quarter was scoreless. There was a lightning delay (which helped Hopkins a lot because UVA had some serious momentum going into the delay). And then, in the fourth quarter, with 12.9 seconds left, UVA scored a goal to lead, but then Hopkins won the faceoff and with 1.4 seconds left they score to tie the game!!!

In sudden death overtime, Hopkins scores with 50 seconds left.

We will definitely be watching them play Duke on Monday - maybe we'll even make the trip to Philly to go to the game. I hope it's exciting, but Hopkins better win!

Let's go Jays!!!

In other lacrosse news, the Northwestern women's team won the NCAA women's lacrosse championship last weekend. Congratulations to them!
It's a sign that all the schools I went to are destined to be NCAA lacrosse champions!


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